We require from packaging to protect the packaged items from external influences, to present the product in the best way and to be simple, practical and efficient. Requirements for quality packaging are constant, while the needs of the market are increasing, so in order for quality packaging to be of good quality, it must have the following packaging functions aligned.

  • Marketing function

Because of the great market competition, product packaging has a very significant marketing function. Based on many studies that have shown that packaging plays an important role in attracting customer attention, more and more manufacturers are turning to eco-friendly packaging, which will speed up the process of choosing between product and purchase. The buyer will always choose a product with a better visual identity if it is a similar product by price or quality. The packaging itself should act on the final purchase decision. The prospective buyer needs to be convinced that the product he intends to buy is the one that will meet his needs.

  • Logistic function

Packaging with good storage and transport properties enables rational use of space. We need to completely adapt the packaging to the goods we pack in it, because the higher the utilization of the packaging, the greater the utilization of storage and transport space. The same applies to the relationship of sales and transport packaging and transport packaging to the surface of the warehouse and vehicle.

The logistics function plays a major role in protecting and facilitating the process.  
– protection of the product against spillage (liquid, powder or bulk content) – protection of products from environmental influences (humidity, temperature, ultraviolet radiation …)
– protection of the environment from the goods of the packaging (if it is aggressive)
– Enabling and facilitating storage
– facilitating and facilitating transportation
– enabling and facilitating manipulation
– protection of the products from theft
– providing information on the packaging

  • Production function

The product must be protected all the time, from the time of packaging, to transport, storage and sale until final use by consumers. The packaging must protect the product from external influences, prevent wastage and provide protection against possible deformation. Packaging is mainly a result of price, quality and functionality, but it can only put a strain on the price of the product. The goods themselves are resistant to various influences, but to a certain extent. Increasing loads and impacts on goods would have a poor result. So this feature protects the product and allows the semi-finished product to become the final product. Some of the protections are: mechanical-physical, protection against oxygen, moisture protection, protection against electromagnetic radiation, protection against microorganisms, protection against adverse temperatures.

  • Usable function

Packaging the product in packaging that can be used later for other purposes is the basis of this function. During and after use of the product, this function is pronounced and can facilitate the use of the product itself. How? The safety of handling, additional instructions on the packaging itself, the possibility of conversion and recycling are examples of good usable function .Facilitated opening and temporary closing mechanisms greatly facilitate and enhance the useful function of packaging.  

  Paper is widely used in packaging production, characterized by a number of advantages such as mechanical strength, biodegradability, simple graphic processing and relatively low cost. Paper and cardboard are very easy to print, can be varnished, and can be joined with other materials. It has physical properties that allow them to be further processed into flexible, semi-rigid and rigid materials. It is used in a wide temperature range as they can withstand very low temperatures as well as very high temperatures.  

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