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About Cardboard cores/tubes/rings

Trak Cardboard tube is a durable and solid packaging solution. In addition to their quality and strength, they are recognized for their biodegradability and can be recycled in a very simple way.

The strength makes them ideal for easier, faster and more flexible packaging. Represents the ideal packaging solution for various raw materials and products.

There are numerous options, and they can help you to send your items safely no matter what they are or where they are headed.

Personalized cardboard cores

Personalized cardboard cores, tubes or rings are ideal solutions for any industry where they can find their purpose. They can be used as shipping as well as direct product packaging. Trak always welcomes new and innovative ideas and wants to support them with their eco-friendly packaging.

Large dimensions

The large dimensions of the cardboard tubes protect against damage by their firmness. They are ideal for automobile parts, construction materials, art prints, banners and charts.

Heavy cardboard cores

Extra thick tubes offer great protection for shipping heavy deliveries. With protection it saves storage space. Recommended for industrial parts, metal rods and heavy items.


For the textile industry, a simple cardboard tube is the perfect packaging solution. Any type of clothing can be wrapped and put in a cardboard tube to deliver to the customer.


Cardboard tubes is for also for an artists who are selling their work – the best way to safely deliver valuable work to a new owner. Instead of in a standard cardboard tube, you can have your artwork delivered in a custom cardboard tube. The cardboard tubes are sturdy, hard to bend and can be reused. And if you have small and lightweight items, a small cardboard tube is also an ideal packaging solution. 

If you are unsure, testing is always a good decision

-> If you are just considering cardboard tubes as a packaging to ship your products, it doesn’t make sense to buy thousands of units. Large order quantities mean you have to stick to an idea before you can test it.

With Trak tubes, you can order a certain amount of cardboard tubes and test the plan. Once you are sure you want to use personalized cardboard tubes, you can order the desired and planned quantity.

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