Innovative and eco-friendly cardboard packaging with VpCI

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How it works ?

Both ferrous and non-ferrous metals need protection from corrosion and oxidation when they are being stored, mailed or shipped for long periods of time. Without access to the best manufacturer of VCI corrosion inhibitors, rust can be a detrimental factor for products such as steel bars. Metal products packaged in VpCI cardboard tubes are continuously protected from the effects of salts, increased moisture, condensation, aggressive industrial atmosphere and corrosion of various metals. The volatile corrosion inhibitor volatiles and is absorbed over the entire metal surface on the packed product. VpCI creates a monomolecular film on the complete surface of your product, including cracks, cavities, and other inaccessible surfaces. Full product protection is achieved during storage and during transportation, both on short and overseas lines. If you ship a metal product in a cardboard without VCI corrosion protection, you put your metals at risk of being damaged. The result is loss of profits and wasted materials. In most cases, steel bar manufacturers can’t survive without proper VCI corrosion protection.  

What if I don’t have anticorrosion cardboard cores ?

If you deliver a metal product in a cardboard tube without VCI corrosion protection, you put metal parts at risk of corrosion. The result is a loss of profit and lost material. For example, steel bar manufacturers in most cases cannot survive without adequate VCI corrosion protection.

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